Horse Therapy Work

Toby works with adults and children in hospital care. He also visits families who have experienced traumatic events.

Nickname: Always Toby. Toby was born while the therapy horses were working with the survivors of the Moore, OK tornado. He was named by the children of Moore after hometown hero Toby Keith.

Appearance: Toby has a “Lion King” mane and big brown eyes.

Special Skills: Young patients can relate to Toby when they hear he spent time in a hospital when he was young too!

Favorite Thing: Toby loves to go on long runs with his entire herd. Wakanda leads the way but he is always close behind and has beautiful movement.

Personality:ย Toby is a strong horse and a survivor. He had major surgery as a foal and his exercise needed to be limited for a long time. Fortunately he had his mom to keep him company while he recovered. Now Toby is now totally healthy and even his scar is difficult to find.

Best Equine Friend: Prince is Toby’s best friend. They don’t look much alike but they have the same high energy, ready to play personalities.

What A School Yearbook Would Say: Most Likely To Star In Fitness Videos! Most Courageous!

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