Horse Therapy Work

Bart works with Gentle Carousel’s Reading Is Magic literacy program. He represents characters in books like Brighty of the Grand Canyon.

Nickname: Bart the Heart.

Appearance: Bart has a cross on his back and big, soft brown eyes.

Special Skills: Bart can walk so quietly that you do not know he is standing behind you until you feel his breath!

Favorite Thing: Bart loves to follow his human friends around the yard and supervise just inches away while they are working.

Personality: He can be a little stubborn but has the kindest heart and he is very protective of his equine friends.

Best Equine Friend: Bart likes spending time with therapy horse Sundance. They have done many reading programs together at schools and libraries.

What A School Yearbook Would Say:ย  Most Annoying Laugh! Most Unique.

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