Horse Therapy Work

Circus works inside schools and libraries as part of Gentle Carousel’s Reading Is Magic literacy program. He also visits children in hospital care.

Nicknames: Pokey. Polka Dot.

Appearance: Circus is white with black spots everywhere and two big blue eyes.

Special Skills: Circus helps children feel special with his “You Have Been Spotted Being Kind” anti-bullying program. He visits children at schools who have been kind to others or stood up for another student and presents them with awards.

Favorite Thing: Food! Circus is always on a diet and has to work hard to stay at a healthy weight.

Personality: Circus likes to take naps and is very easy going.

Best Equine Friend: His best friend is fellow spotted therapy horse Sparkle. They have been friends for almost 12 years.

What A School Yearbook Would Say: Most Likely To Skip Gym Class And Hang Out With Friends In The Cafeteria.

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