Frequently Asked Questions

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Do the therapy horses live indoors?

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Click to learn more about how our therapy horses live at Gentle Carousel.

Are the therapy horses house trained?

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Yes, they need to be house trained so they can work inside hospitals and other indoor locations.

Click to learn more about how our therapy horses are trained. We will be adding video soon.

How long do the therapy horses live?

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Healthy miniature horses can live into their 30’s, as long and usually longer than large breeds of horses.

Do all miniature horses have blue eyes?

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The majority of miniature horses have brown eyes but they can also have blue eyes. Most of our therapy horses have blue eyes. Just like with people, the eyes of blue eyed horses are healthy and can see just as well as brown eyed horses.

Do you sell therapy horses?

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We do not sell therapy horses. Our horses have a forever home and are loved by the children and adults they serve. Remember, you cannot purchase a trusting relationship or experience working as a team. It takes time and love.

The horses working with Gentle Carousel go through at least a two year basic training program including indoor hospital work. After that, they are constantly challenged with new experiences.

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