Hello Friends,

Scout here… or as they call me at the state park, Ranger Scout.  I have been busy this summer meeting children at libraries.   It is my job to let them know how much fun it is visit their own state parks and to become a Junior Ranger just like me.

It turns out that parks can be fun even if you are not a little horse.   I like to run on the nature trails and look at all of the interesting things in the nature center.  I also like to show everyone how brave I am by walking over the river on a high wooden suspension bridge.  Sometimes I surprise park guests when they are running or walking on the trails too.  I have been taking many selfies with new friends this summer.

In September, my park will be having a special day to celebrate books.  I have been helping with this program every year since I was a baby.  Admission to enter the park on that day is a gently used children’s book. When the programs are over, all of the donated books come back to the farm with me. I will deliver them over the next few months to children who need more books at home.

I hope your summer has been fun.  Remember, it is not too late to visit a park!

This is Scout Out until next time.

Therapy Horse Ranger Scout park bridge 602x730