Therapy horse Scout with puppy Vigil on farm 1193x730

As you all know,  I am in charge of being “the cutest of them all” on the farm.  Since I was born almost two years ago, no one has tried to “out cute” me… until now.

It started with the birth of my baby brother Anthem.  I don’t see it, but I heard someone mention that he is pretty cute.  Nothing for me to worry about,  just a little annoying.

Then, without warning, there was a dramatic challenge to my cuteness title.  White, fluffy puppies arrived on the farm.  Everyone knows that white, fluffy and puppy are the very definitions of cute.

It turns out that they are Maremma puppies, a 2000 year old breed of livestock guardian dog from Italy. They will live with and protect my fellow therapy horses and I.   Not a bad idea… I am all about having personal bodyguards… but shouldn’t they look a little more scary!  Did they need to find guardian dogs that can be confused with plushie toys?

So now we have Vigil, the older male and Guardenia (really, even a cute name?) a female living with us in the barn. To be fair to myself, these two puppies will soon outweigh me and that will up my cute factor. But for now they are small and white and fluffy … it is going to be a long summer.

Stay in touch.  This is Scout, over and out.


Vigil Tractor On Farm Livestock Guard Dog 1097x731