Hello Friends,

Welcome to my world!

Each week I will be bringing you a behind the scenes peek into my life.  I may be the smallest horse on the farm but I see a lot from down here.  In my family it takes work to be the center of attention so I stay very busy. Sometimes I even get into a little trouble, but I don’t mean any harm.

I have a big sister on the farm named Magic and she is not an easy sister to have.  Magic gets attention from everyone and doesn’t even have to try!  She is not only a high achiever but she also gets invited to special events when I have to stay home.  All I hear, all day long, is how great Magic is at this or how wonderful Magic did that. Magic, Magic, Magic!

I also have a new baby sister named Phoenix.  She gets a lot of attention just for being cute. When you are only a few weeks old, being cute is pretty easy. Staying cute like me, now that is a challenge. I have discovered that baby sisters can be pretty self centered and they don’t know much. Still, everyone gathers around just to watch her play.

So my goal is to stand out in the crowd and become a little bit famous without getting into too much trouble.  Join me on my adventures.  For now, this is Scout, over and out.

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