Mercury and Sirius

Sirius is a Maremma sheepdog, a livestock guardian breed from Italy. They are usually solid white dogs. But not Sirius, he was born with spots. When Sirius was two months old, Mercury was born on the farm. Mercury is a blue-eyed miniature horse. He has spots too, and an unusual color pattern with three white legs and one dark leg, one white ear and one dark ear. Mercury and Sirius became instant friends. They may be different but only see the ways they are alike.

How much fun do you think it would be, if we were all like Sirius and Mercury? They may be different but only see the ways they are alike.

About the Author

Debbie Garcia-Bengochea is cofounder with her husband, Jorge, of Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, a ministry of love that brings hope and healing to those who have undergone traumatic events or are struggling with sickness, hardship, anxiety, and more. The charity’s miniature horses interact with an estimated 25,000 people all over the country each year, including the survivors of and first responders to mass shootings at Newtown, Connecticut; Charleston, South Carolina; and Orlando, Florida. One of their horses was named one of history’s 10 most courageous animals by Time magazine and declared the Most Heroic Pet in America by AARP. Debbie and Jorge live in Florida. Learn more about the therapy horses at