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“Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses have long supported the sick, the elderly and those living in difficult situations in the United States.

It is my honor to welcome this charity to Greece where they will be an encouragement to the most vulnerable members of our community and bring a common bond of hope between our two countries”

Georgios Christopoulos M.D.
Mayor of Rafina Pikermi, Greece

“Your compassion is a great reflection on the State of Florida.”

​Rick Scott, Governor of Florida

“On behalf of the State of Connecticut, I want to thank you for your willingness to give your time and expertise in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month.”

Dannel P. Malloy, Governor of Connecticut

“For a town that needs a hero, a hero is on the way.”- CNN

“… Newtown’s Booth Library, hosted a children’s program with the horses and said the excitement surrounding the event seemed like the beginning of a return to normalcy… like a step forward after weeks of grieving.”- USA TODAY

“…Gentle Carousel, you are wonderful, gentle, caring people! ”

Love Marlo Thomas
Actress, producer, best selling author, four-time Emmy winner and activist for children’s causes

“…Keep up the wonderful work you do. I often tell people that Lassie was the first therapy dog–the first to be allowed in hospitals more than 50 years ago!”

Jon Provost – Appeared as Timmy Martin on Lassie

“When 8-year-old Melissa Santana was staying at the Ronald McDonald House over the Christmas holidays, there was one thing she always looked forward to. On the days that Magic came to visit, Melissa’s cheeks would hurt at the end of the day from smiling,” said Theresa Drews, house operations director of the Ronald McDonald House in Gainesville. Those also were the days scheduled for her chemotherapy treatments for Leukemia at Shands.”

Gainesville Sun/Theresa Drew
Director of the Ronald McDonald House of Gainesville

“I was very surprised when my kids were even looking at the animals. To see them actually pet it and walk as close as they did. It was like oh, wow! I’m speechless but yes. Josiah, yes, even kissing. Wake me up! Pinch me or something! I don’t know if it was the atmosphere or what. This has been a very hard time but this made it, I would say, peaceful.”

Dorothy Mitchell
Parent at the Ronald McDonald House who had lost a child that morning.

“Gentle Carousel Therapy Horses. Your Reading Is Magic program and volunteers are heroes every time they walk into a school or library. Using little miniature horses to inspire young children to read is most creative. Congratulations on your wonderful charity, spirit and service to your community.My best to you all.”

Bill Bennett/ William J. Bennett
Former Secretary of Education

“I chair the Governor’s Commission On Disabilities and we’re very interested in Gentle Carousel. We’ll be studying the program this year and my guess is there will be some recommendations to the governor and the legislature about at least beginning a pilot program to enable this program to perhaps move on state wide.

​My own daughter, who has Down Syndrome, has been touched by Magic. I’ve been able to see first hand what these animals can do just with my own child.This program benefits so many different population bases. They can reach the elderly, the terminally ill, children with developmental disabilities, children with needs in reading, there are just so many opportunities to reach so many people in need.”

Lance Block
​Chairman for the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities

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