Ranger Scout

Hello Friends, Scout here... or as they call me at the state park, Ranger Scout.  I have been busy this summer meeting children at libraries.   It is my job to let them know how much fun it is visit their own state parks and to become a Junior Ranger just like me. It turns out [...]

Scout Pout

Here is the problem. I can get no Fame. When the other horses go out in public, they get lots of Fame.  In magazines.  On television.  In newspapers. No matter how hard I try, no Fame for Scout.  See the recent newspaper I am reading.  Therapy horses Aladdin and Sweetheart are on the front page. [...]

Rain On My Parade (Party)!

My farm has been in "extreme" drought.   Because there was almost no rainfall for months, the grass started to turn crunchy and brown, the flowering bushes did not bloom and I even heard my favorite hay was getting hard to find. Florida is known for humidity so experiencing the driest weather in a century [...]

There is too much cute on the farm!

As you all know,  I am in charge of being "the cutest of them all" on the farm.  Since I was born almost two years ago, no one has tried to "out cute" me... until now. It started with the birth of my baby brother Anthem.  I don't see it, but I heard someone mention that he is pretty cute.  Nothing for [...]

Welcome to my World!

Hello Friends, Welcome to my world! Each week I will be bringing you a behind the scenes peek into my life.  I may be the smallest horse on the farm but I see a lot from down here.  In my family it takes work to be the center of attention so I stay very busy. Sometimes [...]


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