Horse Therapy Work:

Amazing Grace works with adults and children in hospital care and with families of first responders.

Nickname: She is usually called Gracie. Amazing Grace was born while the therapy horses were working in Charleston after the church tragedy there. Thousands of people sent in name ideas when she was born.

Appearance: Gracie has long white stockings and big blue eyes.

Special Skills: Gracie is very athletic and loves to jump.

Favorite Thing: Gracie likes to be with her girlfriends in the pasture and enjoy’s little treats of alfalfa.

Personality: A bit of a social climber, Gracie changes friendships quickly and always seems to have a new best friend in her herd.

Best Equine Friend: Amazing Grace was born just a few weeks after therapy horse Scout. They have spent a lot of time together because they are so close to the same age but Scout loves her much more than she likes him. Gracie has eyes for Scout’s big brother Cloudburst… it’s a love triangle.

What A School Yearbook Would Say: Class Flirt! Drama Queen!

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