Horse Therapy Work

Sweetheart works with adults and children in hospital care with a big place in her heart for children in Tennessee hospitals. She also works with young and at-risk readers.

Nickname: Sweetie.

Appearance: Sweetheart is a Medicine Hat horse. Medicine Hat is the name applied to horses exhibiting a unique and rare pattern of color, mostly white in body with color on their ears and top of the head, which resembles a bonnet or hat. Some Native American tribes considered the Medicine Hat to be supernatural protection against harm.

Special Skills: Sweetheart is the look-a-like full sister of therapy horses Takoda and Snow Angel. She shares their gentle spirits and is part of the white team of horses we call the “Hospital Angels”.

Favorite Thing: Being center of attention.

Personality: Sweetheart is a sweetheart. She loves to follow people around the farm and always wants to be the one to go on a visit. Sometimes she runs along the fence when the horse trailer is leaving and it is not her turn.

Best Equine Friend: Sweetheart loves to spend time with therapy horses Dream and Catherine. Dream only hangs out with Sweetheart when her best friend Magic is not in the pasture.

What A School Yearbook Would Say: Most Upbeat Attitude!

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