Horse Therapy Work

Sparkle works with Gentle Carousel’s Reading is Magic literacy program and at hospitals. He is a favorite in schools.

Nickname: Always Sparkle.

Appearance: Sparkle was born black but now he has spots and his color changes a little every year.

Special Skills: Sparkle helps children feel special with his “You Have Been Spotted Being Kind” anti-bullying program. He visits children at schools who have been kind to others or stood up for another students and presents them with awards.

Favorite Thing: Sparkle likes to sleep under his favorite shade tree with his little herd around him keeping watch.

Personality: Sparkle is very mellow and happy to be protected by the others in his herd.

Best Equine Friend: Therapy horses Circus is Sparkle’s best friend. They have been friends for more than twelve years and both have lots of spots. They are always together walking through the pasture or visiting schools. Circus always looks out for Sparkle.

What A School Yearbook Would Say: Most Friendly!

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