Horse Therapy Work

Dream works with adults and children in hospital or hospice care and with military families.

Nicknames: Always Dream.

Appearance: Dream is a pinto with a fluffy white mane that children love and a very long white tail.

Special Skills: Dream is gentle and calm with small children who have never touched a horse before.

Favorite Thing: Dream is usually the first horse to run in from her pasture to get attention. She loves spending time with people.

Personality: Dream is quiet and never pushy. She always waits her turn.

Best Equine Friend: Therapy horse Magic is Dream’s best friend. They like to travel together and because she is so easy going and Magic likes to be in charge, they are a perfect team. Dream also likes spending time with therapy horse Sweetheart when Magic is busy.

What A School Yearbook Would Say: Quietest Student. Nicest Student. Most Likely To Become a Teacher!

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