Horse Therapy Work

Cloudburst does it all. He has worked inside hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses, hospice programs, assisted living programs, schools, libraries, book and literacy festivals and even a Dance-a-thon for the Children’s Miracle Network.

Nickname: Cloud.

Appearance: Cloudburst looks very dramatic when he is running in the pasture with his striking pattern.

Special Skills: Cloudburst has a long history working with children who have special needs. He seems to connect with young children in a special way.

Favorite Thing: Cloudburst loves to play ball just like his brothers Scout and Anthem.

Personality: Cloudburst would like to be in charge of his little herd but therapy horse Wakanda makes sure he knows he is not the boss. He also wants to go on visits when it is not his turn. One day we found him standing inside the opened horse trailer (in the back!) while other horses were being groomed for a visit. Did he think we would not notice?

Best Equine Friend: Cloudburst likes Amazing Grace who is his brother Scout’s “girl”. It is a love triangle and Gracie seems to enjoy attention from both brothers.

What A School Yearbook Would Say: Prom King! Best Looking Male!

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